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‚ÄčBombardier Learjet 35A

Fast & Private

Jet Travel From Coast to Coast

Aboard one of the fastest aircrafts available to the public, You can easily reach destinations on the East or West Coasts, Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean; or quickly travel in the Midwest.

Travel in Comfort & Safety

Enjoy a Pressurized cabin and eight leather appointed seats in an executive class, conference style arrangement so you can conduct business, socialize, or enjoy the scenery. With a service ceiling of 45,000 feet, you can travel above the weather to your destination.

Enjoy Amenities

On-board DVD and stereo system help you get more work done or relax on your flight, Help yourself to complimentary and beverages stocked on board along with an array of snacks. catering is also available.

Profile of Your Aircraft

Passenger Seating


Max Cruise Speed

Engine Type

Cabin Type


Service Ceiling




Aircraft Make




1 to 8

2,100 Miles

530 Miles per Hour

Twin Jet


Conference Style

45,000 Feet

39 Feet 6 Inches

42 Feet 8 Inches

12 Feet 3 Inches


Learjet 35A



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Easily Reach Destinations

New York from Milwaukee

781 Miles

1 Hour, 36 Minutes


Ft Lauderdale from Milwaukee

1,070 miles

2 Hour, 30 Minutes


Aspen from Milwaukee

1,299 Miles

2 Hours, 36 Minutes


Scottsdale from Milwaukee

1,518 Miles

3 Hours, 30 Minutes