Rent an Aircraft
For Business or Pleasure
As a fully-checked out rental pilot at Fond du Lac Skyport,
you can head to hundreds of airports in the Midwest and
thousands more throughout the United States.
Follow straight-forward Aircraft Rental Agreement
24/7 online scheduling available
Fly before or after hours - simply call ahead and have
a flight plan
Rent aircraft with benefits and enjoy fewer limitations.
Forgiving 2-seat and comfortable 4-seat aircraft
Fast traveling complex aircraft
Airplanes equipped for IFR conditions
Full fuel - plus fuel you purchase during your trips is
refunded to you up to our current retail price
Low 2-hour weekday and 3-hour weekend minimum
usage charges when the aircraft leaves the airport for
more than half the day
Many Choices, Few Limitations
To make your checkout or BFR go smoothly, bring the
following items with you to your appointment.  Some forms
you can print off here.
Notice of Insurance Form
Credit Card Authorization
Renter Information
Aircraft Rental Agreement
Birth Certificate / U.S. Passport
U.S. State Gov't ID / Driver's License
U.S. Pilot License
Current Medical from an Aviation Medical Examiner
Aircraft Checkout Form / BFR Form
Checkout Checklist
Fly on Your Schedule
Choose from a range of aircraft, including
Cessna and Piper. Our competitive prices, easy
scheduling, and instructors keep you, or
return you, to flying proficiency.
Rental aircraft
EAA Airventure
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